Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Good Day

It' s been a good day here today:) We are adjusting to our new lifestyle for the next 2 months or so and I must say the first day went well. Briggs has not complained AT ALL. Seriously. He goes to the bathroom by himself, eats by himself, puts his shoes own and never gripes about anything. We have been SO blessed by all the calls, cards, gifts, and food that everyone has brought it just overwhelms me.  I have tears in my eyes right now just thinking of all the acts of kindness that have been done for our family. We are SO thankful everything. 

This is Briggs eating for the first time with a fork. Poor guy most of it went on the bar:( But he just scooped it up and ate it!
 Cheesin' outside
 Grady filling up the water gun. I am so impressed by Grady. He has stepped it up and has been such a big helper and nurturer.

 Even pulling his big bro around:)
 We went down the alley to Granny Sue's house and B & G relaxed in her recliner
 One of our "new" activities. Coloring:)

Thanks again for all of the thoughtful gestures you all have done for us.
Now if someone can help me not be so nervous every time these boys walk I will be in debt to you forever.