Monday, July 2, 2012

Face Lift

Did ya notice? My blog got a little "Face lift"!!! I love it!!! It needed to be updated soooo bad!!! Finally got all three of my boys on there. I changed my header title because there were no longer 3 guys in my life. There are 4 and Four guys and a gal really just didn't sound very good. My Three Sons sounds great!!!! I got it from an old television show. I think it has a nice ring to it!! Hope everyone is having a nice Monday!!!

I just got back from OKC with the hubs. We went by OURSELVES!!! It was fun but I sure felt naked without my kids being there:) Anyway have a great day. More to come on our trip, so stay tuned:)
Hope you like the blog!! I sure do!


Kendra said...

Looks great!! Your boys are so cute!