Monday, February 6, 2012

Shoes, Swimming and Super Bowl

Now that I have finally figured out how to use the photos on my new computer I am playing a little catch up blogging.

These are Crue's first pair of shoes. Aren't they adorable?!?!? They look so cute on him. He, however, does not care for them a bit:)
A couple weekends ago was my niece Elizabeth's birthday party at the WT pool in Canyon so we got to go swimming. It is a really nice place there were just a ton of people there. The water was warm and the boys had a great time:)

Liz and her BFF's.
We went to story time the other day and Grady made an elmo and he was so proud of it:) He wanted me to take his pic with it. So sweet.
This was yesterday before the Super Bowl. Grady was passed out! He was a tired little boy.
This is Briggs. No pic for him.
And last but not least Crue. (I think he is crying because he has a Dallas Cowboy shirt on:() Just kidding. He smashed his finger:(
The boys and I really didn't watch the Super Bowl. Cody of course did and he smoked some ribs and sausage and we had a great meal.
These were some potato skins I fried. Yummo!! Look at that grease! It is doing a number on my arteries right about now! Ha!!