Friday, September 30, 2011

Police Station Field Trip

Briggs had his first field trip at school and it was to the Police Station. Me and the other two boys tagged along. I think I enjoyed it more than the kids did:)
This is Grady in the car before going to the police station. Crue.

I was in the back with them because I had to feed Crue and we were watching Despicable Me, too.

They walked to the station.

We beat them there and this is Grady waiting patiently. Ha!

Briggs and Sophia. She is the cutest thing ever!

Briggs looking at the handcuffs.

This was the coolest part. The DOG!!!!! I loved it!!! His name was Zorro and he was very friendly.

He turned 10 yesterday and he will be retiring this month.

Briggs was so interested in everything and soaked it all in. I was so proud of him the way he acted.

Grady scratching Zorro. I swear that kid is a dog whisperer. They love him as much as he loves them.

Looking at the motorcycle.

It was a really neat field trip. It was my first and hopefully my last trip to a police station:)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Door Transformation and Fall Wreath

My front door was looking a little drabby so I decided to spruce it up a little. My MIL has a lot of paint from renthouses and such, so I grabbed a Gallon of Grassland from Sherwin Williams and went to town on this old door. (I sanded it first:)) At first I wasn't all that into it but the more paint I got on it I loved it!!!! It still needs probably 2 more coats but it sure brought the detail out in the door.

I made the cute pumpkin wreath it took about 5 minutes and costed 4$. 4$ and 5 minutes for a craft can't get any better than that!! I found it on Pinterest. Love that site. Pretty obsessed!!!! I went to the Dollar Tree found green spanish moss, hot glued it onto a wreath I had, hot glued 3 pumpkins from the dollar tree and hung it up with a scrap piece of burlap I had! I love it and can't wait to make another wreath!!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Weekend Wrap Up

We had the first big soccer game this weekend. All went well. Briggs played so good and ran his little legs off:)

This is Bob and Briggs. They are best friends. No lie. Bob is his great grandpa and acts like he isa 4 year old too:) Love it!!

Briggs had quite the cheering section. Papa, Nana, Momma, Daddy, little Bros. x2, Gramps, Bum, Alex, Kyla, Owen, Bob and Granny Pat.

Crue was a "Little Shark". Too cute.

They did so good and gave a good effort. Can't wait for the other games.

I had to go to work after the game so the boys came home with my parents. My dad grew pumpkins in his garden and the older 2 picked one and painted it.

I got to spend some time with my sister and her kids. I took some pics of her little boy Griffin and they turned out too cute:) He is sitting up and he will be 5 months old tomorrow! Time flies!

Best Buds:)

This one is my fav.

This afternoon we went to my niece's volleyball game. She did great!! Way too go Biz!

We finally got home about 4:45 and we are all pooped out. I am ready for my bed and a little shut eye. Good night!

Friday, September 23, 2011


It's Homecoming today in Sunray. Big day for the Bobcats. We were all dressed in our blue and gold:) Crue and Owen. Sweet cousins.

Grady was the only one who would wear his garder. Briggs was not having it.

My sweet little Grady:)

Of course the OLDEST is crying!!!! He has been a little terror today!!!!!

Crue bear at the pep rally.

I have to admit this is a good pic. 1. We are all looking at the camera. 2. My hair looks decent:)

I would say more but my children are going crazy and you really don't want to know what all has gone on in our house today. If I told you they would probably take my children from me. Ha!:) Just playin'.

Tomorrow is Briggs' first soccer game. Wish us luck!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sweet Tooth

My kids have sweet tooth's or is it teeth? Let's go with teeth 'cause they love them some sweet stuff! We had several sundae toppings and ice cream left over from the shower so the boys got to indulge in an ice cream sundae last night. I let them choose what they wanted.
For Grady, it was chocolate syrup, oreo cookies and lots, and lots of mini m&m's:)


Briggs wanted m&m's, and chocolate syrup only.

I think Grady might have got more syrup on his face then in his mouth.

And here are MY sweet things before school today:)

P.S. They don't get the sweet tooth from me. I blame Nana and Bum. Thanks guys!:)