Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

The first day went well! Briggs did great and I kept my composure:)
Handsome fella before school.

You see where Briggs gets his enthusiasm, eh?

 Me and the sweet kindergartner.
He did NOT want me to take this pic. He will thank me later. 

Sitting in the gym. :)

Once again...... Enthusiasm.
 Grady was a little lost at first but quickly rebounded when we took a trip to see Owen!!!
 I asked Briggs what his favorite part of the day was and he said...............RECESS. Who wouldve thought. Love his first little picture. It's of the slide and playground. :) Sweet kid.
I just had to get a picture of this cutie:)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ready Or Not

Today at church we had promotion Sunday. Briggs was promoted into an older class and Grady and Crue get to stay in theirs. Their teacher now just happens to be their Bum. (Grandma):) It was a sweet day and our Pastor blessed the children and their backpacks. 

 Briggs also got to be an Acolyte with his bud Brodie. It was too cute. They did a good job.
 Grady's open house was today and we found out his teacher is Miss Jamie!!! All of the teachers at Sonshine place are WONDERFUL!!!!
 I told him after he met his teacher we would go get a coke. Apparently this is how Sonic makes it's smalls these days:) Grady was sure happy!

I made Briggs; teachers a little basket with mints, stickers, hand gel and a t-shirt.

Lord knows that a kindergarten teacher needs it!!!!!
God bless each and every teacher out there. It takes a SPECIAL and I mean SPECIAL person to teach children! I know I couldn't do it. Good luck to all parents, students, and teachers tomorrow!!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


Have you every heard how eagles raise their children? It's pretty phenomenal and much like I want to raise mine. In the devotional pictured above it explains that "eagles literally marry, then begin building a nest for their eaglets. After the father eagle finishes the construction on a the outside of the nest, the mother constructs the inside making it a sweet living place with leaves, soft grass and other soft treasures.
Right before the eaglets hatch the mother eagle starts plucking some of the soft feathers from her breast and smoothes the carpet of the nest so that the babies won't get poked or stuck.
Life continues and the eaglets begin to grow. Slowly, the mother eagle starts pecking away at the soft carpet and grabs up hunks with her powerful talons. She doesn't want her babies to get too comfortable. She know they must learn to stand on their own without her feathery protection.
One day the mother eagle starts acting very strange. She starts stirring up the nest and she may start pushing her "teen" eaglets gently--then harder and more directly. They cringe at the edge of the nest, mortified.
One morning Momma eagle wakes up with that look in her eyes. And then it happens. The eaglets go flying over the edge of the nest.
Only they're not flying. They're flailing those wings as panic fills their eyes.
But up above them a tiny figure is circling round and round. Just before the eaglets hit the hard earth, father or mother eagle, who can see from miles away and can fly vertically over two hundred miles per hour comes streaking down in the nick of time.
The parents will repeat this cycle, until one day the eaglets are falling for the last time. Their parent-child game suddenly turns into a life-threatening scenario. This time when the eaglets fall their parents are nowhere in sight.
Then a marvelous thing happens. Nature takes over. Those eaglet wings start moving in slow motion, as the eaglets take off flying for the first time. That's when Father Eagle peeks out from behind the clouds where he has been watching all along, and Mama Eagle smiles from wing to wing as she peers down from her nest."
Monday will be a huge de-feathering for me. I must send my child out in the open where he is not under my wing at all times. Although I think that my "nest" is the best it truly is not. God's is. He has wings of refuge and His nest is always the best. He can be with him at all times. In this devotional it says "We can give our children roots and wings, but only God can make them fly." Oh, so true.

Briggs is SO ready.

I will be too. 

So as I prepare to de-feather my nest a little this week, I pray that all children spread their wings a little. Have a great first week at kindergarten!! Love you tons big guy!! 

"He guarded him like an eagle that stirs up its nest and hovers over its young, that spreads its wings to catch them and carries them aloft." 
Deuteronomy 32:11

Monday, August 5, 2013

A Super Mario Party

We had Briggs' Super Mario themed party on Saturday. I loooooved planning and decorating for this party because the Super Mario brothers are and ALL time favorite of mine!!! His party was at the YMCA and we rented out the game room and swimming pool. I do believe it was a success:) 
The swimming pool was so warm and I think everyone enjoyed it. Mr. Owen swimming. I'm pretty sure he is part fish. 

Briggs doing belly flops. OUCH!!

 Sweet Kellen taking a dip.

 We had pizza and cake.
 Blowing out his candles.

 Griffin cooking me a hamburger.
 The favors. Mario fruit snacks, Mario pencil and notepad and a candy bar.
 Cloud jello.

Had to have a green pipe!!!
 The cake. I bought the figurines. Wish I could do those out of fondant.

Fire flower juice. 
 Ice flower water.
 Coin cookies.
 Game room time!!!

Parker and Briggs playing Mario. 

 Opening gifts.

 Briggs was tuckered out at the end of the day. I thought he was just tired from all of the commotion from his birthday and then I quickly figured out he was sick and had a 101 temp!!!
 Off to the doctor we went. Strep throat:( Luckily his fever didnt start until late Saturday so he was not contagious at his party.
He had a great birthday filled with food, fun and friends!! Thanks to all who came and helped celebrate!!!

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Somebody's 6

Briggs was born on August 3, 2007 at 3:43 a.m. Look what time I woke up this morning to go to the bathroom!!! Crazy!!!
 I CANNOT believe he is 6 today!! He will be starting kindergarten in a couple of weeks and he is sooo ready for it:) He is such a beautiful, smart little boy.
 He loves to work, LOVES to ask questions and just has a passion for life. He thinks his Dad hangs the moon and is still ok with giving me hugs.
Briggs you are such a blessing to us. Happy 6th Birthday big guy!! Hope you have a great one:) We love you sooo much.