Tuesday, December 31, 2013

2013 in Review

I had the intentions of sitting down and sharing my top moments of 2013. Turns out no moment really trumped any other.:) True, some days were greater than others, and some moments better than the last. Overall 2013 was a great year. It was a year of a lot of firsts and a lot of lasts too. 

We welcomed my nephew Kellen. My sister's last baby.
 Briggs lost his first tooth.
 Briggs started kindergarten.
 Grady had his tonsils taken out.

 Lots of memorable moments of 2013.

 Cody and I have been married 8 years.

 We have 3 beautiful, healthy children. Everyday should be memorable.:) Most days at our house..... it is. Something crazy or wild is always going on at the Satterfield house. l
 Like this kid!! OhmyWord!! He is definitely the wildest of the bunch!!
 I thank God for them.

 They are wild,

and really crazy!!!
I love them to pieces!! Happy New year to all of you!!!

Friday, October 18, 2013

All Things Fall

Fall is isn full swing at the Satterfield house!! Lovin' every bit of it except for the cold weather that is coming!! We stay busy and I like it that way. Football, parties, you name it:)

My Dad always has a "mim" pumpkin patch in his garden so the boys got to pick their pumpkins a few weeks ago. 
 My good friend Maribel made my MIL and me a pumpkin roll!! My favorite!! Too bad my MIL hasn't gotten ANY!!
 Carved pumpkins.
 Some of my friends and I decided to do a freezer meal swap. It was pretty easy to do!! I can't wait to try all of the yummy food!! Saves so much time in the kitchen.
 Grady's preschool go to go to a pumpkin patch. Crue is obsessed with tractors so we had to get a pic by them.
 Grady and Papa picking pumpkins.
 We also went to the Arenacross a couple of weeks ago. Boys loved it.
 Grady's class.
 Sweet Grady.
I'm not sure why I don't have a lot of pics of Briggs and Crue????? I'm just glad Grady will let me take his picture now!!!!! Have a wonderful Friday!!!!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Weekend....... On Tuesday

What a weekend!! Seems that all of our weekends are that way!!! We started with a football game on Friday night, my nephew was playing for the opposing team so my parents came in and watched. The boys don't even let them get out of the car!! :) We ate supper with my brother, sister in law and her father and then headed to the game. 

 Crue and Owen. Drinking buddies:) My nephew did AWESOME!!!! Just had to throw that in. So proud of him!!
 Flag football on Saturday afternoon.
 Love watching these guys.
 That night we had a party to go to for a sweet 15 year old!! It was a BLAST!!!!
The birthday girl and her momma:)
 The boys just played and played and played:)
 Sunday I had a baby shower at my house for one of my sweet friends.
 She is having a sweet little girl Mazie Grace. I can't wait to meet this precious little girl.
 Brenna opening her huge pile of gifts.

It was a great weekend full of fun and friends!!!

Friday, September 6, 2013

5 on Friday


I am linking up today!! This is a first for me, so I hope I'm doing it right:)

1. Crue bear and a puppy. Pretty sure the puppy couldn't breathe and pretty sure he was going to let it go!! Too cute! NO, this is not our dog:)
2. Flag Football. Love these kids!!! Love watching them play and have fun.

3. Grady started Pre-school. Why haven't I posted on that, you ask? Because I don't feel like snot crying, that's why:) He did really good. We will leave it at that for now:)

 4. Low boots. I WANT SOME OF THESE SO BAD!!! They are super cute!! I just haven't found the right pair I want!!

5. Oh my goodness!!! This stuff is AWESOME!!!! I bought it just to try and now I am hooked!!! They have several different flavors but this is one of my fav!!!
Hope everyone has a great Friday and a Wonderful Weekend!!!

Monday, August 26, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

The first day went well! Briggs did great and I kept my composure:)
Handsome fella before school.

You see where Briggs gets his enthusiasm, eh?

 Me and the sweet kindergartner.
He did NOT want me to take this pic. He will thank me later. 

Sitting in the gym. :)

Once again...... Enthusiasm.
 Grady was a little lost at first but quickly rebounded when we took a trip to see Owen!!!
 I asked Briggs what his favorite part of the day was and he said...............RECESS. Who wouldve thought. Love his first little picture. It's of the slide and playground. :) Sweet kid.
I just had to get a picture of this cutie:)

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ready Or Not

Today at church we had promotion Sunday. Briggs was promoted into an older class and Grady and Crue get to stay in theirs. Their teacher now just happens to be their Bum. (Grandma):) It was a sweet day and our Pastor blessed the children and their backpacks. 

 Briggs also got to be an Acolyte with his bud Brodie. It was too cute. They did a good job.
 Grady's open house was today and we found out his teacher is Miss Jamie!!! All of the teachers at Sonshine place are WONDERFUL!!!!
 I told him after he met his teacher we would go get a coke. Apparently this is how Sonic makes it's smalls these days:) Grady was sure happy!

I made Briggs; teachers a little basket with mints, stickers, hand gel and a t-shirt.

Lord knows that a kindergarten teacher needs it!!!!!
God bless each and every teacher out there. It takes a SPECIAL and I mean SPECIAL person to teach children! I know I couldn't do it. Good luck to all parents, students, and teachers tomorrow!!