Sunday, March 28, 2010

Sock it to Me!!!!

I'm Baaaack!!! Have we been busy or what? Goodness gracious!! I have not blogged in forever, which is among many things I have not gotten around to lately. My baby is ONE!!!! Grady had a GREAT first birthday party. It was Sock Monkey themed and it turned out sooo cute! We had it 3 days after my procedure so I was still not feeling the greatest but I was able to enjoy it. My sister got married the following Saturday and she was absolutely GORGEOUS! I will talk about that in another blog. Here are some pics of Grady's birthday.

Monday, March 1, 2010


Let me just say that I am feeling SO much better today!! Lately I have been feeling like a MACK truck has driven over me and then I have been beaten by a bat!! But today I feel normal! I finally got my ablation scheduled for Wednesday, March 10. I am so relieved to have it scheduled. I am so glad that it is before my sister's wedding so that I can enjoy it. Here are some pics of the boys I took this morning. Grady is rolling all over the floor and Briggs is eating waffles. The boys have just got over a cold and they are feeling much better also. Thank God for that. Grady will be 1 in 2 weeks and I am a little sad:( He is just getting so big so fast. Briggs is just a 2 year old and he makes me laugh SO hard sometimes. We are trying (we as in Cody) to grow his hair out and it is in the "shaggy" stage right now, but I think the end result will be cute. Hope everyone is doing well.