Monday, April 7, 2014

My Memory Book

I do this blog for memories. So that we may look back at all the craziness and fun that we have had. Basically a memory album that I don't have to store in the house and let it gather dust:) I am not a good writer and my punctuation is awful!! I rarely have time to blog because I am too busy making memories 
I just want to share with everyone all of the excitement that goes into having a house full of boys!! 
So here is to my Memory Book:)

Crue has started wearing this John Deere hat. He is so cute in it. He really should be raised on a farm. No fences, no boundaries. Really he NEEDS to be on a farm. Caged with animals, possibly:) Just kidding. 

 Briggs is just getting older. Sniff, sniff. He's developing friendships, is very independent and LOVES basketball. He shoots the ball ALL day. No lie.
 Cute kid. Wanted to be The Lorax for Dr. Seuss day at school. Great Pinterest pin. $8. 10 minutes. There ya go.
 This is another Pinterest plan. Rain Gutter bookshelves. They turned out great!!! Very pleased:)
 PTO Basketball team.
 Sweet Grady on his 5th birthday. LOVES tattoos. He is the most kind hearted little boy but he can snap in .2 seconds and have you in a choke hold/leg lock. He is SO strong and we joke about him being an MMA fighter. (Over this momma's dead body.) Maybe he needs Yoga or something.
 My sister and I on my birthday party. Love her.
 Grady had to get 2 cavities filled. He did wonderful. He's 5 and has had 2 cavities. I'm 30 and I have had 1. This is not looking good:)
 Grady got to go to fire station with his school.
 He loved this little field trip.
It is so crazy, busy around the Satterfield house. We love it. Always something going on. I don't know what we would do if we had nothing to do!!!
We are all so excited for Summer and Hot weather!!