Monday, January 6, 2014


It's true. I'm about to be out of my twenties.-Sigh. A little over a month and I will be the BIG 3-0!!! Wow!! I always thought 30 was old. Gee was I wrong. Way wrong! I still feel like I am 18. Ok, so maybe not 18 but I still feel really young!! I seriously can't believe it has been almost 12 years since I graduated High School!! I tell people I graduated in '02 because in my mind it feels like the year 2005 and 2002 doesn't seem that far away. I always wonder why they look at me like "Whoa, she's ancient!" Yes, I realize it's been 12 years. -Another sigh.
Truth be told, and only between you an me, I'm a little excited about being 30. Just a little.:) I have a husband of 8 1/2 years, whom I am planning a trip to Jamaica with this Summer, 3 beautiful boys, my health and the list goes on and on.
Cody turns 30 also a month after me. (Call me a cougar if you will:) Ha! JOKE. A month doesn't count. I know. But I will be 30 married to a twenty something?!?!?!?!? Does that count? Anyways, Cody and I are planning a 30th Birthday party for the both of us and we are doing a 90's theme!! I am so excited!! It brings back such good memories planning this party. Here were some of my favorite 90's things.
Flashback with me to the 90's!!!!

NKOTB-Need I say more?????? I had the Joey doll.

 And of course Saved By the Bell. Kelly Kapowski was my all time favorite.
 Troll dolls. How could anyone ever like these ugly things????? Apparentlly I did because I had a jillion of these things.
I could sit here forever and post stuff I liked in the 90's. It was a fun time. I had a wonderful childhood. Can't wait to party it up 90's style in the twothousandfourteens:)