Sunday, August 24, 2014

Another One Bites the Dust

Here we are yet again. Another summer gone and a new school year to start. This time is a little different for us. We have not one, but TWO kids going to school!!! Hard for me to believe. You just never think your kids will be old enough to start school and then there they go!!! We've had a wonderful summer.

Went to the cellar a couple of times.

 Crue's 3 year old check up.
 Briggs' lovely bug bite on his eye.
 Outside time.
 Briggs' 7th birthday
 Sleeping in!!
 Getting school supplies.
So once again I am letting my children spread their wings to fly. As I send them to school a little piece of my heart goes with them knowing that I am not their sole provider during the day. Many, many thanks to ALL of the teachers and school employees who play a HUGE role in our children's lives. This momma takes her kids education very seriously. It's not just an education its a building block for the rest of their lives. So, Good luck to all kids starting school tomorrow and good luck to all of the teachers too!! Heres to a Great School year!!!