Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Grady's Fall Festival and Pumpkin Patch

Grady had his Fall Party at school yesterday. We had a great time:) Grady took these treats to school. Easy Peesy! Thanks Pinterest!!
 They got to play a lot of fun games and did face painting. Miss Jamie painting on Briggs.
 Grady building his spider.

 Making a pumpkin.
 Briggs gets double party time, his party is today:)
 Grady is so proud of his spider cookie.

 I made the teachers a little goody sack. I just bought a halloween bandana at Walmart, put some candy inside, wrapped it up and tied it with a ribbon. I found these free printables online.
 After the party and naps we decided to go to the pumpkin patch. It was GORGEOUS outside!!!
 They had a lot of fun.
 And then...... We ran into the VARGAS girls!!!!!! Yay!! Even more fun!!!!

 Crazy boys!!!  Love them so much.
Briggs' party is at school today and then we get to go Trick or Treating tonight!!
Happy Halloween!!! Have a SPOOKtacular day:)

Saturday, October 20, 2012


Let me give you a little of the down low about what's been happening at the Satterfield's!!! We have been so busy and today I am kidless so I figure it would be a great day to play catch up aka Ketchup on my blog!!
For starters we got to celebrate my sister and brother in law's new baby with a gender reveal party! It was so much fun! I just love these! We ate good 'ole Mexican Pile On and she revealed it with cupcakes:) Which of course was..........

So we get to welcome another sweet baby boy in February:)

We have also taken our family pictures. I love taking pics. I think it is because my photographer is UH-MAZING!! Seriously, if you ever need pics taken she's your man or uh-woman, I mean. :)

With every spare minute around here, (which is never!) we have been doing football or birthday parties or some kind of fall event. I went to my sorority's Salad Supper the other night and we had such a good time. We got to dress up and that always makes it a lot of fun too:)

Well that's about it for now. Hope to keep updated!