Friday, June 7, 2013

Crue is 2!!!

Two short years ago Crue Burton came into our lives. He is such a sweet, ornery little boy.
 He gives the best hugs.
 Loves to eat.
 Loves to play outside.
 He's got the prettiest blue eyes and the cutest gap in his teeth.

 He brings pure joy to this household.
 His brother's love him and love to pick on him too.
 You are so dear to us Crue Bear!!!
We love you so much. Happy Birthday baby boy:)

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Crue's Toy Story Party

We had Crue's 2nd birthday party last Saturday and it was a Toy Story theme. It turned out really cute. I had the kids wear Cowboy hats, badges and bandanas when they came in and then they got to play games and get tickets then turn their tickets in at Al's Toy Barn!! My computer is not uploading the pics very good so these are only a few. 

Barrel of Monkeys was one of the toys to choose from
 Dinosaurs, Army men, squishy balls were among the other choices.
 Maycee and Raylee in their Cowgirl attire.
 The food. The best part:) Mr. Potatoe Head potatoe chips
 Alien cupcakes
 Pizza Planet mini pizza bites. We also had Woody badge cookies, Barbie and Ken trail mix, and To Infinity and Beyond punch.

 Crue playing "Snake in the boot"

It turned out pretty cute. I wish I could post all the other pics:( Can't believe my baby will be 2. Time flies.