Thursday, November 1, 2012

Briggs' Fall Party & Halloween 2012

Phew!! What a busy couple of days it's been!! Briggs had his Fall Party at school and these were the treats we took. Ghost Poop!! AKA Marshmallows, again, easy peesy:)
 Briggs had a great time, as always.
 The other 2 playing blocks in the classroom.
 Making a spider web.
 Getting ready to eat their snacks.
 Face painting.
 He made a cool mask.
 The boys were so excited to Trick or Treat this year. We got dressed and ready at about 4 so that we could make all of the grandparents round.
I love this pic of Owen and Crue. It's like they are saying "If you could see what you look like, man!!" Ha!!
 Ninja Turtle-Briggs
 I love this picture of Crue!! He was the cutest puppy dog.
 Grady the Red Power Ranger
 Kannon the John Deere tractor.
 Briggs and Grady's friends Case and Catie or Wolverine and Captain America. Cortney, their mom, was Superman. She was so cute!!
The boys had so much fun!! I think we went to everyone's house who had a light on in Sunray!! They didn't want to quit! It brings so much joy to my heart when my kids have fun and get excited about stuff.
Today's November 1!!!!!!! Yikes! Where has this year gone?!!!