Monday, April 9, 2012

Spring has Sprung!!

Spring is here and in full gear!!!! Grady turned 3 and he had a CAMO party at Jump N Jive. It was a blast. His actual birthday fell on a Wednesday so we celebrated at home too:) He went for his 3rd year well child check and everything checked out perfect. He is off the charts for height and in 75% for weight which boggles my mind because the kid is so stinkin' skinny! I guess his mass just falls in his long ole legs:)
Briggs had t-ball tryouts and he did great. It was super cold and windy that day so they cut the tryouts short. Cody is the coach and Briggs is loving that.
Grady at practice just having fun hanging out.

Briggs ready to field a ball. He actually does pretty good. I am impressed with our team. I think all of the kids do a great job!Briggs had his first play date over at someones house! I was a little nervous to tell ya the truth! It couldn't have been a better friend though! He went to his friend Case's house and Case's mom and I are good friends so that made it a lot better:)
We dyed Easter eggs. We only had one mess. No biggy:) Just purple dye. Right? I didn't freak out. No not me. Thankfully, it all cleaned up.

Pretty, huh?
Easter morning opening their baskets from E.B.:)

We made E.B. a nest the night before and left him some carrots.
Before church. Gosh they are handsome guys.
My sis-n-law made this Pink Lemonade Pound Cake that she found on Pinterest. It was fantastic!!
Great cookies:)

The boys enjoyed their egg hunt sooo much!!! I loved watching them.
Doesn't this pic just say SPRING TIME to you? Sadly this is not our grass:(

I am loving every bit of this beautiful time of year! We are taking a trip to OKC this week and going on to Antlers, OK to visit Cody's family. I am sooo excited!!! Spring it on!!!:)