Saturday, July 28, 2012

BBQ and a Lemonade Party

We had a pretty busy day today. First we went to eat breakfast at Cody's grandparents' house and then we went and saw Cody at Nutterville where he was cooking. 
I got to be a bean judge!! Pretty sure Grill Masters is going to call me for their show! Ha! I got to taste some pretty good beans. 
Briggs was just chillin out with his root beer. 
 This is why I never post pictures of Cody. To me he is the most handsome, buff, HOT guy but when you take his pic it's just awkwardness (Is that a word?)!!!

 Nick and Cody cooking breakfast at noon.
Getting ready to turn the chicken in.
 This evening we went to Brynlee's lemonade themed birthday party. It was sooo cute!! Brenda has three girls and her parties are always so much fun and oh so cute.

 Can't you just see them as old men someday:)

That is one good thing about Briggs' broken arm, him and Grady have gotten so much closer because he depends on Grady to help him do the things he could normally do for himself. They are such good brothers even if they still have knock down drag outs:)