Monday, July 16, 2012

Scavenger Hunt

Today the boys and I went for a scavenger hunt!!! It was fun and hot!! This is where we went. Isn't it beautiful? Ha! Just kidding. This is our alley and this is where our little scavenger hunt started. 
 I didn't make cards or anything like that I just told the boys to find some fun and different stuff. After finding 93 rocks that looked EXACTLY the same Briggs wanted me to take a picture of THIS rock:) And guess who had to carry all of them:) Yours truly.
 The boys found some big rocks to sit on. (Sorry about the yellow line?)
 This was a cool exhibit. A large tire track.
 I liked this find the best. Of course the boys cared less and wanted to pick it.
 A giant tree stump.
 Same Giant tree stump.
 After we walked down the alley we needed some H2O pretty bad. We were all a little parched, so we stopped at my MIL's house and rehydrated and the boys picked up pine cones for a while. Boys are pretty easy to entertain I must say!!!!
 I put this on the boys plates for supper and they couldn't even tell what it was!  I had to show them . Maybe someday they will appreciate it.