Saturday, July 14, 2012

Laaaaaazy Day

We have had an extra lazy Saturday today and that has been just fine with me. We watched Curious George a trillion times and didn't go outside until 2:30!!!! That is amazing in this household!!! The boys weren't chomping at the bits to go out either. Kinda weird. I guess we all just needed to relax a little. 
This is from our Walmart trip yesterday. It went really well:) (If a Walmart trip can ever go really well)
 Grady wants to try and break his arm too!! Just kidding. I am watching these boys like a hawk now!!
 Briggs decided to toss aka chunk a tennis ball on our roof.
 Crue bear just hangs out and goes with the flow
 Grady had to throw the ball too:)
 Crue thinks he has to do what his big bros do. NOT GOOD!!
 The boys twin cousins, Ava and Brooklyn came over this evening and they had a blast!! They are so cute and Grady looked like he could be their brother.
Brooklyn was jamming out on a drum.
 Then they all had to go down the slide together:) So cute.
We have nothing in store for the rest of the weekend and I'm so glad. Tomorrow will be a week that Briggs hurt his arm. I can't believe it's already been that long!!! I can't wait until he gets his hard cast on that's for dang sure!!!