Monday, July 23, 2012

Cast Away

Briggs got his first hard cast put on today. He did great and I am soooo glad that it is on his arm:) You would think that a broken arm would slow a boy down a bit. WRONG. 
When we got to the office they took x-rays to make sure it was healing correctly.
 Then they started wrapping. Mummy style.
 He had 2 pretty girls or( Hubba Hubba's he calls them), working on him.

 He got to choose what color and he chose red.
 And a red sucker to go with it.
 He did great. Now for 2 weeks he will wear this and be moved into a short cast. The cast does not bother him a bit. Thank goodness!!!
 Oh Yeah, How do you like my hall tree now?:)