Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Today didn't go how I had planned. AT ALL. I was supposed to be at work. My kids were supposed to be at Bum's. (AKA my MIL) While I was getting ready for work at 5 a.m. Grady comes into the bathroom with that "someone please help me because I'm fixing to puke"look, so I gladly pushed assisted him to the toilet and that my friends is how my day started. Poor little guy was running a fever and he is the toughest kid when he is sick. I can't stand it when my kids are sick. Breaks my ever lovin' heart.
Anyways, I got him into the doctor and got some good ole antibiotics down him and he is doing much better. Pretty sure he is going to have to have his tonsils out.
On a lighter note, I found my childhood best friend on FB!!! I am super excited about this. I'm also super excited about the photography class at my house tomorrow! Yay! Maybe I will learn how to use my camera:)


Tori said...

Poor guy! Glad he's feeling better!

Ashley Robinett said...

awww :( feel better Grady!! Hopefully your whole house doesn't get sick at the same time again!!