Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dino's and Pizza

Grady LOOOOOOVES pizza. I do too. My MIL introduced me to these little pizza packs after she made them with the boys one day. They are fantastic!!!! You can find them in the refrigerated section by the biscuits.
 Grady making his own pizza:)
It's a smiley face. So cute.
Last Friday we went to "Discover the Dinosaurs". It was really cool!!

 The dinosaurs were life like. I guess? Never seen a real dinosaur. Anyways, they were very detailed and animated.

 I had to make the boys touch this one:)

We had a good time. I can't wait for warm weather!!!!!! Hurry up, SPRING!!!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

What a Day

We have kind of had a big day today. Briggs got to go to "Experience Kindergarten Day" today at the "big school" as we call it. 
He was really excited but he was so nervous when we got there. 
 I am so thankful that he got to be in Mrs. Woodward's class. She just so happens to be my best friend. Wink. Wink. She is also an amazing teacher so I know he is in good hands. However........this did not keep me from balling like a baby when I got to the car.:) I know he is having a ball though. He loves to learn and socialize.

 After I dropped him off Crue and I headed to Grady's birthday party at his school. They always do such a great job of celebrating things.

 Grady and his birthday crown.

 I am just so proud of this kid. He used to cling to me when I would come to parties at the school and now he does what he is supposed to, for the most part anyways.:)
My boys are growing up so fast. I don't wish to turn the clock back,  just wish I could freeze time and soak up every second that I can with them.

Monday, March 18, 2013

House of Blues

We have been in our house for almost 5 years and I am pretty sure I have painted the walls about 34,563 times. Seems I like to change things. A LOT. Big deal.......right? According to Cody, yes it is a big deal:) Anyways, I am repainting our master bedroom and the bathroom. Our bedroom has the original paint from when we moved in. It is a light blue called Languid Blue from Sherwin Williams. 

I am going to go this dark blue called Troubled Waters. I am going to pair it with yellow and grey pillows on the bed. I hope it comes together well.
The bathroom is now a dark grey. Before that it was a light blue. Now I am going to paint it a bright blue.
 This color is Raindrop from Sherwin Williams. I think I am going to accent with lime green and dark blue.
 Cody actually likes this color!!

 Grady has his party at school tomorrow and he wanted Captain America cookies. Don't you think they turned out pretty cute? I was pretty proud of myself!!

Wish me luck on painting!!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Cowabunga!! Grady is 4!!

We had Grady's ninja turtle theme party yesterday and it was sooo much fun!! We had it at this place called Cheer Texas in Amarillo and the kids had a blast!!!!
 Grady loves Pizza as do the Ninja Turtle's, so my MIL made this Pizza cake! Isn't it TOTALLY AWESOME!!!!!!!!

The kids bounced and flipped and rolled to their hearts content. Griffin and Liz bouncing away:)
 Crue and I sporting our TMNT apparel.
 Grady blowing out his candles.
 The fun part......opening gifts!

Party favors
 The table all set up.
I was nervous about making TMNT cookies but I think they turned out pretty well.

 It was a lot of fun and I can't believe Grady is 4. Here's to another year!!
Cowabunga, Dudes!!!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013


On this day four years ago Grady Alan blessed our lives. He was a very high maintenance baby and really nothing has changed:)
He has the sweetest smile and gives the best hugs.
 He loves to dress up as super heroes and has a vivid imagination.
 He is very hard headed and strong willed and loves to fight. He looks and acts like his Aunt Cori:)
 Grady Alan,
You are such a blessing to our lives. I can't believe you are 4 years old today!!!!! I love you so much! I am so proud of the boy you are becoming. Have a Happy Happy Birthday big guy!!!!
                    Happy Birthday!!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Park Play

 Yesterday was a beautiful day. I can feel Spring in the air!!!! We decided to go to the park and the boys had a lot of fun:)
I don't know why Crue wanted to go backwards?????

 I think he could have stayed in the swing ALL day!
This picture cracks me up. Ha! 

 Grady going down the slide with no hands.

Grady said "Momma take my picture!" Wait..... What? who are you and what have you done with my child who hates to take pictures!!!!!
They found a friend.
I love the weather changing to Spring. Can't wait until the boys can stay outside ALL day!!!!
Have a wonderful Friday!!!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

I said Hey......... What's Going On?

Gees. It's been 4 months. 4 months people. I haven't blogged in a LOOOOOOONG time. No excuses just 3 little boys that keep me on my toes:) I'm just going to pick up right now instead of where I left off because if I did that, it might take me 4 months to write a post. 

So..... This big boy attended Kindergarten roundup on Tuesday. Sniff....Sniff. I really can't believe it is time already. He's ready and really I am ready for him:)
He had to do some "testing" I guess you could say and I was really proud of how he did:)
He is still in Preschool at Sonshine Place in Dumas and they had a field trip to the YMCA. He loved it and I believe his brothers did too.
 Grady took a field trip today to the library and on the way there Lifestar had landed and was about to take off so his class got to watch a helicopter! How exciting!

They took a tour around the library and then they got to read a book and watch a little video.
Grady listening by his teacher Miss Paula.
 This big boy turns 4 a week from today!!!!! TIME NEEDS TO STOP!!!!!! He is having a ninja turtle birthday party!!!

 This big boy is a MESS and a half!!!!!!! I guess being the youngest of 3 boys you have too??? I don't know. What I do know is he is going to be sooo tough!!!! He is fully potty trained and is just a funny funny boy. Can't believe he will be 2 in 3 months:(

 I am entering a new stage in my life. I've gone from giving birth and taking care of newborns to trying to raise sweet little boys and teaching them to be great men. This transition has hit me hard lately. Change isn't easy. But I do know that I am loving every stage of the boys' lives. I have learned so much from them. Parenting is the absolute HARDEST thing I have every done and will do. I love them to pieces and they bring so much joy to my heart:)