Monday, March 18, 2013

House of Blues

We have been in our house for almost 5 years and I am pretty sure I have painted the walls about 34,563 times. Seems I like to change things. A LOT. Big deal.......right? According to Cody, yes it is a big deal:) Anyways, I am repainting our master bedroom and the bathroom. Our bedroom has the original paint from when we moved in. It is a light blue called Languid Blue from Sherwin Williams. 

I am going to go this dark blue called Troubled Waters. I am going to pair it with yellow and grey pillows on the bed. I hope it comes together well.
The bathroom is now a dark grey. Before that it was a light blue. Now I am going to paint it a bright blue.
 This color is Raindrop from Sherwin Williams. I think I am going to accent with lime green and dark blue.
 Cody actually likes this color!!

 Grady has his party at school tomorrow and he wanted Captain America cookies. Don't you think they turned out pretty cute? I was pretty proud of myself!!

Wish me luck on painting!!


"The crumbs beneath the seat" said...

Cant wait to see it finished!