Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cast Off

Briggs got his cast off!!! Yay!!! Can you believe it has been 5 weeks? Me neither! It flew by. I was kind of anxious that he wouldn't get it off but the x-rays looked good so off it came:)

 Sawing off the cast.
Now he just has to wear a brace for 2 weeks. 

After his appt. we went to feed the ducks. My dad has been ever so kind to watch my other 2 boys while Briggs and I see the ortho. I sure do appreciate it! They loooooove their Papa, after all he acts the same age they do:)

 Then we went to the mall. I had to get some makeup so I let the boys play for a little bit.

 Briggs got to pick where he wanted to eat. He initially chose Hooters. Yes, I said Hooters but I told him the food wasn't good there. (His Dad put this in his head:) So, we went to Applebees.

 It was great, until Briggs puked his lunch up:) The Satterfield's are down again. (Hence the blogging hiatus:)
Here is a pic that my friend Tamara took of Briggs before he got his cast off. LOVE IT!! If you are needing pics go check her out!!