Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wonderful Weekend on Wednesday!

We had a busy weekend! That is why I am up to posting it now! Saturday was my good friend Dara's bridal shower and brunch. I was a hostess for it and it turned out so good:) Her fiance is Cody's BFF. They kind of have a bromance going on. But I could talk about that for HOURS!!!

Dara and her Maid of Honor Laura Groom's mom Jackie and his neices

Sorority sisters (my posture is horrible)Hostes Gifts, they were lunch bags from My 31! So cute!!

After the shower we came home took naps and got ready to go to a Briggs' friend Brodie's birthday party at Talon Point Lake. It was a tractor them and so I made him a Tractor Cake! We had so much fun!! We did paddle boats and the boys did pinatas and played with horses. They were worn out and both crashed in the car on the way home!!

We were stuck in the mud! It was hilarious and there was a snake and that freaked me out! Dee Ann and I got a work out! It was such a good time though:)Brodie and his cake!
The boys also got candy from the pinata;)


Anonymous said...

Andi, thank you so much for tagging me on all the pictures you took at the shower!

i love reading your posts! they're always up-beat & put a smile on my face to see such a blessed family...thanks again for the pic's!

love ya,