Monday, July 26, 2010

Street Fights and Fresh Veggies

Grady was in his first fight! Here was the result:



Truth is, I thought I was going to have to go to the ER for IV Versed! I thought I was going to throw up and I don't get queezy very easy. It looked HORRIBLE right after it happened. It bubbled up (thank goodness) and he looked like a unicorn!

Here's the story. We were walking down the street from my in-laws and Briggs was riding his bike and I was pushing Grady in the umbrella stroller. I ALWAYS buckle him in except this ONE time!! I could shoot myself!!!! He leaned forward, and forward and forward until he landed right on his head on the street. I threw the stroller up on the grass and ran back inside to my in-laws house, screamed at Briggs to come in and ran to the bathroom with Grady screaming. I might have been crying too, but that is beside the point. After we got settled down a bit. Briggs proceeds to tell my in-laws that I pushed Grady out of the stroller, hand motions and all! The boy knows how to make you quit crying I guess! Grady was fine about 30 minutes after and was running around and eating, so we didn't worry too much about him having a head injury. I checked on him about 4 times last night and of course he was fine!

This pic of us is from the last day of swimming lessons. Briggs did so good the whole week.

These two baskets are some of the fresh vegetables we are getting out of our garden. Everything is so good!I just love all the colors!! We are enjoying having a garden so close!Hope everyone has a wonderful day!!


Tori said...

I was so sad for Grady until I read that Briggs said you pushed him out! I felt bad laughing! Bless your heart! I'm glad he's okay now!

Tori said...

I sent you a facebook message with my address! What a sweetheart you are to make something for Ansley! As for the blankets, I'm pretty sure Landry could sew them, they went so fast. Do you know if you work the 11th? That's the scheduled date for her to be here! Are you still doing lactation? I hope I get to see you!

Anonymous said...