Thursday, July 22, 2010

Busy Week!!!

Briggs started swimmim lessons this week! He loves Miss Desiree! He also loves Miss Julie. They are so sweet to him.

Jumping off of the diving board.

When swim lessons started on Monday Briggs was hesitant, as always, and didn't want to go with his class so he got "private" swim lessons. He is progressing everyday and today he jumped off of the diving board!

Grady wanted to go in. Poor little guy:(

Briggs with his class.

Can't ever have enough sunscreen.

We have had a busy week! Sunday I made a meal for a friend who just had a baby and we also went to Cody's football scrimmage.

I am also working on several other projects for Briggs' lawnmower themed birthday party. This is party of the lawnmower pinata that I am making. So far it is turning out really well.

For my friend that just had a BEAUTIFUL baby girl I made a Mexican Meatloaf, salad, and chocolate brownies.

The Mexican meatloaf is so easy to make and it is soooo good. I will post the recipe sometime.

I also made this cake for a friend at work. It is for a fiftieth birthday party. I don't like how the name turned out but all in all it was really cute.