Saturday, July 10, 2010

OKC Part 1 of 3

We went to Oklahoma City for a nice little vacation this past week. It was a great trip and we had a lot of fun. The boys did great which was a huge relief for Cody and I:) We woke up early on Tuesday and stayed until early Friday morning. Here is Day 1 of 3!!!!!

Grady on the drive up. We left at 5:00a.m. and this is exactly why. He is not the greatest traveler so we wanted hime to sleep. He did sooo good. Much better than I expected.

Briggs always does good in the car. It never takes him long to go out.

The macho man driving. So serious;).

We stopped at an Indian trading post and they had Teepees and buffaloe.
Davy Crockett and Daniel Boone:)
Our first stop in OKC was the Zoo. It was Awesome!! It took us 3 hours to go through and it was hot as blazes!!!!
Grady was intrigued by the monkeys.
Me at the "Nesting Area". Briggs said "Momma you laid an egg".

So he had to too.

The boys looking at the tiger. She was beautiful.

The boys at the Gorilla section. (Excuse Briggs' manners. If you have boys you understand.)

When Briggs saw the Gorilla's feet he said "He has Daddy's toes!" And he is EXACTLY right!

These turtles were HUGE!!!!

This sign was by their pen. Ya think?!?!?!?

Grady only missed about the last 45 min. He was a tired baby.

After the zoo we went to Penn Square Mall and went to the Build A Bear. It was so much fun.
First you had to Choose a bear,

Then you had to stuff it and give it a heart,

Next was fluffing it were you got to clean off any extra stuffing, The last steps were dressing it and naming it. They picked out their clothes for their bears and this is how they turned out. The one on the left is All Star, Briggs' bear and the one on the right is Rock Star, Grady's bear.

After we checked into our hotel we went to eat at Toby Keith's I love this bar and Grill.

I had the salmon, Cody had steak and the boys had chicken.

We had a great first day and were exhausted! After we ate we went to Bass Pro shops and then headed to our room for the night.
Part 2 coming tomorrow!


The Bonjour Four said...

love all of the pictures!! looks like ya'll had a great trip.

Anonymous said...

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