Friday, January 29, 2010

Snow much Fun!!!

It snowed. A bunch. Thankfully we got to stay home and didn't have to go anywhere! Cody did have to go to work but he just works 8 miles from our house and his 4 wheel drive truck did the job.

When the sun came out I thought it would be fun for Briggs to go outside. He has never played in the snow so he wasn't to sure about the "thnow" when he started walking in it.

Briggs was yelling "Help, I tuck".

Making snow angels
Super dad to the rescue

Poor Grady, Maybe next year bud!


The Bonjour Family! said...

Hey girl! Thanks so much for the sweet comment you left earlier today! I've been so blessed by all of the comments left today. Good luck on the giveaway!