Saturday, January 2, 2010

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Yeah... I realize I am a little late but just listen to what I have to say.
We had a great Christmas! It's the day after that wasn't so Great! Let me start by giving you a timeline of events.

Dec. 24th 0600: Celebrated Christmas with my in-laws at their house. Santa came to their house and we had a great time. The boys got a ton of stuff and they go to enjoy it all day Christmas Eve.

Dec. 25th 0530: Merry Christmas!!! Santa came to our house and he thought that our boys were the best kids on this earth!!! They got so much stuff! Briggs got a drum set and Grady got an adorable dino rocker that is too cute. I got a birthstone necklace that was totally unexpected and Cody got some shirts and socks. I had to go to work :( so I left right after we celebrated our Christmas.

1900: Celebrated Christmas with Cody's grandparents and again the boys got waaaay too much stuff. By this time our living room looked like Toys R Us threw up (which could be possible, just keep listening to the story).

Dec. 26th 0730: Headed to Amarillo to have Christmas with my parents and sister and Miss Elizabeth. Briggs got a bike from Santa over there and it is REALLY cool! Again our car was loaded down with many presents. Cody and I had a wedding to go to that night so we planned for the boys to stay with my parents for the night.

1400: Cody and I head back to Sunray to go to the wedding.

1500: We are driving and come to Dumas and suddenly Cody's stomach isn't feeling so good. Not a big deal, we just thought that he ate too much (happens quite often.)

1600: We are home and Cody is very unsettled and is still not feeling great. I told him to lay down and take it easy until the wedding.

1700: Cody is on the couch and says he doesn't feel good enough to go to the wedding, so I head out by myself. Not a big deal, we thought that he might feel better for the reception.

I get back to the house, which smells of bleach, and Cody is white as a ghost on the couch and says he can't keep anything down! Gees! So I go to the store and get stomach ache supplies: Jell-O, Sprite, Broth, you know the drill.

Cody continues to not feel well and sounds pretty much like he is going to die. (You know how guys are when they get sick).

2000: My in-laws call and say they are coming home from the reception because my MOL is sick!

2100: I decide to sleep on the couch because I really don't want to get this nasty bug. I TRY to sleep on the couch but my ailing, moaning husband can't get comfortable and I can hear him from our room to the living room.

2330: Ring Ring! CRAP! I knew it right when the phone rang. It was my mom calling me to tell me that Briggs is throwing up! So, I start crying! I head to Amarillo and get their by 1230. Sorry Cody Your on your own!

Briggs continues to throw up every 10 minutes while I am driving there and then when I get there he slows down to every hour. He is a sick little boy:(

We get NO sleep and lay around the next day Dec. 27. Grady is doing great by the way and I am feeling fine also. I decided that I was not going to leave Amarillo until I knew Briggs was feeling good, because our pediatrician is in Amarillo. Briggs starts to feel better towards the end of the day, so I decide we will go home in the morning.

Dec. 28 0800: We make our trek back home everyone feeling GREAT! The boys are a little tired but that is to be expected since all the excitement over Christmas. Cody stayed home from work and he is feeling better also. My in-laws are doing good too.

1500: Guess what? I start having symptoms! Not too bad but still it's there.

1530: Grady pukes.

1600: I puke.

This repeats over and over and over again until I though I was going to die! My mother-in-law stayed with us because there is NO way I could have take care of ANYONE!!! She stayed 2 nights, praise the Lord. This bug was the nastiest thing I have ever had! It lasted for about 24 hours. We are all doing good now and enjoying 2010!

Happy New Year to all!

*Sorry about the army time and the looong post!


Blog-O-Seaton! said...

I had to laugh at the military timeline...I know it comes habitually cause your a nurse. Ha ha, hope everyone's ok now!!! Cute post, I guess it puts everything into perspective huh?

The Bonjour Family! said...

Your pooooor family! I'm so sorry you guys were sick over the holidays. HOpe you are all back to normal now. The boys are so cute! growing up soooo fast! I can't believe Noah is already 16 months!! where does the time go?

The Bonjour Family! said...

Oh and the military time... that's great! you are definitely a nurse! haha