Friday, October 30, 2009

Bobcat Pride and Artwork

Here are my handsome beaus with their Sunray Bobcat jerseys on. They are so stinkin' cute when they wear these. Briggs thinks he has to wear his helmet when he wears his jersey, this really isn't a bad idea as much as he hits his head. #7 was Cody's number and #24 was my dad's. It makes them look so grown up!

We go to the library every week for storytime. The librarian reads a book and then the kids do a craft after the story. Briggs loves it! He painted a t-shirt and a pumpkin and he is so proud of them.

So excited for Halloween! We kind of had a change of plans on the costumes due to a discontinued product, but the one that Briggs is going to wear is REALLY cute! I will probably post pics in a Halloween post later today!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Greatest Inventions

There are many things in this world that are good. There are, however, many inventions in this world that make your life simpler and that is what I call great.

You also probably have to be a parent to understand the value and "greatness" of these fine inventions. Before I was a mom I either never paid attention to these things or had just never heard of them. So I will give you 3 of the numerous inventions that make my life simpler.

#1: Adjustable waist pants.

Oh yes. They are incredible! Most kids have tiny waists and long legs. (Wish I could say the same about my figure;) These jeans have a little button on the inside and elastic string so that you can cinch them up and loosen them when the child gets bigger. This also saves money! I buy most of the boys' jeans at The Children's Place, but Target also carries the adjustable waist jeans.

#2 Wet Ones

I know they have been around forever, but I never really used them until I had kids. I mean what adult needs a wet wipey? With 2 boys in the house I can't keep these things in stock! I have a pack in my purse, diaper bag, kitchen, and a pack in the car. These are great for cleaning up any messes and for wiping hands and dirty faces.

#3 No leak sippy cups

I know that back when I was a kid there wasn't such a thing as a sippy cup that didn't leak. You had to drink your juice in the kitchen. Now with the no leak sippy you can go anywhere. In our house our sippy sometimes become missiles, footballs, or any other kind of flying object so thanks goodness they don't leak. There is one bad part about them though, the little apparatus that keeps the liquid from coming out sometimes starts to stink due to the beverage getting stuck on it and not being able to get clean, so you kind of have to go through a lot of sippys.

These are only a FEW of the cool things you get to enjoy during parenthood. There are many other gadgets that work out there and some of them don't work for everybody.

Just thought I would share some that have worked for us!

Saturday, October 17, 2009

"Leave" Me Alone

Aren't the Fall leaves beautiful?!?! Especially when you an go outside and enjoy them in the gorgeous weather. The boys and I were outside the other day and they were playing in the leaves. Instead of writing about it I will give you a play by play with pictures:

G: I don't know about this?
B: Hmmm....What can I do to my brother with these leaves?

G: Okay,maybe this isn't so bad after all!

B: Here is a leaf Grady isn't it cool?

B: Here are a BUNCH of leaves brother!

G: Okay, you are taking it a little far now!

B: How do ya like this?!?!?!?


Briggs was really being sweet about it and he didn't push Grady back Grady just kind of fell. I was getting leaves out of folds and cracks in the bathtub! We have enjoyed this beautiful fall weather and hopefully all of you have too because I am sure it will be short lived!

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Picture Perfect

I am a little late posting the boys' 2 year and 6 months pics but nonetheless here they are.

My wonderful photog friend Tammy did them and once again she did an AMAZING job! She is so fast and I just can't believe how good the pictures come out. We also had our family pics done. She just moved to Canadian so we made a little road trip up there to have them done.

Here is Tammy's wonderful work:

Friday, October 2, 2009

The Grady Shuffle

A.K.A The Snake, Wiggle Wiggle, It has many other names too.

Grady loves his bath and he loves to be naked. He started doing this little move where he wiggles his head from side to side and moves his legs like he is riding a bike. It is hilarious!!! I got a little video of it but of course when you get the camera out they always stop.

Here is a little video of "The Grady Shuffle".

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandma!

I am one day late but I had to work, so Happy Happy Birthday to my dear Grandma Jo!

We love you so much and you are such a special person! Hope you had a great day:)