Monday, May 20, 2013

School's Out For Summer

Pre-school is officially over for Briggs. Sniff Sniff. He graduated on Friday night and it was so stinkin' cute!!! We sat at the back and you could here that boy singing all the way back there!!! They put on quite the program. 

 After the ceremony there was a little reception and then we went back to our house and cooked out hamburgers.
 I decorated the table with some festive "2013" decor:)
 Briggs' teacher Miss Jamie
 Cute cookies. My MIL and I made. Mainly my MIL.

 Miss Paula and Briggs. These are Grady's teachers also. These women are precious. My kids adore them.
Saturday we had 2 t-ball games and 2 birthday parties to go too. Our first party was Briggs' friend Kade. Such a cutie. 
They had fun in the sun swimming.
The next party was their cousin Kannon's 3rd Carnival themed party.

 Crue liked the pony rides the best.
 Grady and his big muscles.

 As you can imagine my boys were worn out by this time of the evening!!! They were GROUCHY!!!!!  Needless to say we went home, bathed and crashed!!!!!
So far we are off to a great SUMMER!!!!