Friday, May 17, 2013

BUSY. That's an understatement.

I don't know how I would handle not being busy. Honestly, I love it. I really do. Not a crazy, stressed out kind of busy, but a busy that keeps us going and socializing:) Weve had so much go on that I don't really know where to start so here are some pics that just highlight the past couple of months.

Mother's Day
 Briggs' birthday party at school. He wanted baseball cookies.

Last day of preschool:( That was today. I cried. Probably not done yet either. 
 T-ball. Gooooooooo Broxson's!!!!

 Grady got his tonsils out. He did AMAZING!!!! He's already a new kid.
 We took a field trip to the dairy. Not going to lie I was in awe!! Loved it!!!

Last party at school at the park and splash pad.
 Planted a little garden.

 Brotherly love.
 Happy Summer!!!!