Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Well Checks

Briggs and Crue had their 4 year and 2 month well child checks this morning. They both checked out really good. Briggs weighs 38lbs. 75th percentile and is 42 1/4inches tall 90%. Crue weighs 14lbs. 90% and is 24inches 75th-90th%. The each got 3 shots and did really well. Briggs was really brave but he was a little peeved afterwards and told me that it DID hurt and he did not like them! Crue of course did not like them either. He did however, love the doctor. We are so fortunate to have a WONDERFUL pediatrician. I think Grady took it harder then the other 2! B & G both got FluMist because Briggs will be starting school. Normally I don't get them the flu vaccine but I thought this year we might get exposed and having a new baby around, I thought it was a good idea.