Saturday, July 9, 2011

Crue 1 month

I can't believe I am already typing this post!!! Crue turned one month old on the 7th!!!He is such a good baby!!!! He loves his baths. Loves to play in the floor.

And loves to eat!!!! He eats about every 2 hours and goes 3-4 hours a couple times a day.

He is so sweet and cuddly and has a cute little belly on him. I love it when he smiles in his sleep and you can see his sweet little dimple on his Left cheek. His brothers love him dearly and sometimes he doesn't appreciate this.

Crue you need to slow down growing already!!!:) Love you sweet baby!!!


Spawns of Seaton said...

I can NOT believe your little baby is one month, I actually said that aloud just now ha