Monday, March 23, 2009

Two's Company

One week down. Oh My!! It is a little different having 2 kids! Especially when they are only 19 months apart! We are still working on our routine but I think we might be getting the hang of it. Grady sleeps pretty good at night and that is really what I am having to adjust to the most. Briggs' hunger for attention is growing and he gets louder and more onry everyday! I was nursing Grady on the couch last night and heard the toilet seat slamming up and down, Briggs runs in the living room soaking wet! You guessed it!! Fun stuff! I am sure there will be more of those days to come.

I wanted to blog a little about my labor. I was induced as I said before, they didn't start the Pitocin until 9:30a.m. My water was broke at 11:15a.m., received my epidural at 11:45a.m., dilated at a 3 at that time, then I went from a 4-7 in one hour then 8-9 then complete! I pushed twice! Yes folks twice! I was pretty amazed! I guess all of those water aerobic classes paid off!! He was born at 3:43 p.m. and we came home the next day. I think God gives me good deliveries because my pregnancies I am so sick! Well enough on that. Here are a few pics of the Satterfield boys! Oh and one of me right before going to the hospital.
My doctor, Dr. Carrillo, My sister and the boys
He delivered all 3 of them!!

Before the hospital


Josh said...
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The Bonjour Four said...

lol Oh my gosh I was looking at that picture of Dr. Carrillo, the boys, and I seriously thought that was you! I was like I hate her if she looks that good a day after delivering. haha I'm sure you do look great though you skinny thing! are you coming back to work at all? At some point hopfully I can give you your baby gift. sorry i couldn't make it to the shower. hope it was wonderful!

Julia Soler said...

I can't believe your labor and delivery was so quick and perfect like that! You and Berkeley both are so lucky! I'm jealous lol!