Sunday, August 25, 2013

Ready Or Not

Today at church we had promotion Sunday. Briggs was promoted into an older class and Grady and Crue get to stay in theirs. Their teacher now just happens to be their Bum. (Grandma):) It was a sweet day and our Pastor blessed the children and their backpacks. 

 Briggs also got to be an Acolyte with his bud Brodie. It was too cute. They did a good job.
 Grady's open house was today and we found out his teacher is Miss Jamie!!! All of the teachers at Sonshine place are WONDERFUL!!!!
 I told him after he met his teacher we would go get a coke. Apparently this is how Sonic makes it's smalls these days:) Grady was sure happy!

I made Briggs; teachers a little basket with mints, stickers, hand gel and a t-shirt.

Lord knows that a kindergarten teacher needs it!!!!!
God bless each and every teacher out there. It takes a SPECIAL and I mean SPECIAL person to teach children! I know I couldn't do it. Good luck to all parents, students, and teachers tomorrow!!