Monday, August 5, 2013

A Super Mario Party

We had Briggs' Super Mario themed party on Saturday. I loooooved planning and decorating for this party because the Super Mario brothers are and ALL time favorite of mine!!! His party was at the YMCA and we rented out the game room and swimming pool. I do believe it was a success:) 
The swimming pool was so warm and I think everyone enjoyed it. Mr. Owen swimming. I'm pretty sure he is part fish. 

Briggs doing belly flops. OUCH!!

 Sweet Kellen taking a dip.

 We had pizza and cake.
 Blowing out his candles.

 Griffin cooking me a hamburger.
 The favors. Mario fruit snacks, Mario pencil and notepad and a candy bar.
 Cloud jello.

Had to have a green pipe!!!
 The cake. I bought the figurines. Wish I could do those out of fondant.

Fire flower juice. 
 Ice flower water.
 Coin cookies.
 Game room time!!!

Parker and Briggs playing Mario. 

 Opening gifts.

 Briggs was tuckered out at the end of the day. I thought he was just tired from all of the commotion from his birthday and then I quickly figured out he was sick and had a 101 temp!!!
 Off to the doctor we went. Strep throat:( Luckily his fever didnt start until late Saturday so he was not contagious at his party.
He had a great birthday filled with food, fun and friends!! Thanks to all who came and helped celebrate!!!