Saturday, October 29, 2011

Fall Festivities

The leaves are falling now and I think it is beautiful this time of year. We have had some gorgeous days and are still able to play outside a little. Briggs had his Fall Party at school and parents could attend so the younger 2 and I along with Bum got to party ourselves.

The teachers included Grady in on everything and he got to do everything Briggs did. He had so much fun:) They started off decorating cookies.

LOTS of sprinkles.

Hand painting.

Necklace Making

Praying before snack. PRECIOUS!!

My boys are boys. Very loud, busy, wild and crazy. But only at home. In public places (most public places) they are quiet and reserved little beings. I am so proud to be these guys momma. I love them so much that my heart could explode:) I am so proud of the boys that my babies are turning into. I can only hope they will turn out to be great guys, young men, and fathers.