Sunday, May 8, 2011


We had a long, hot, busy Saturday!! The weather was gorgeous and I think it topped 93!! We started playing outside at about 9:00a.m. and Grady went down for a short nap at 12:30 and then we were off to our first party.
Raylee (Grady's future wife) celebrated her birthday with a butterfly and bugs theme!! It was sooo cute!! There was "dirt" cups with worms.

Briggs colored a grasshopper when we first got there.

Grady attempted to color something.

Then we went on a bug hunt!! The kids loved it!

Briggs is showing me one of his specimens. Grady thought they were real and shivered at them.:)

Raylee Dee the birthday girl:)

Blowing out her candles with big sis by her side.

Briggs LOVED this game. It is the Elefun game that blows butterflies out and you have to catch them in a net.

Opening presents.

Grady was inseparable with the orange balloon.

All boy. He always has dirt on his face. It seriously looks like he eats it!! This is his posed smile! I love how he turns his top lip in:)

Raylee and her family live out in the country, so us city folk were amazed at the horses and cows. This is Midnight the girls' pony.

This horse is Taffey. He was really gentle and calm.

After Raylee's birthday party we headed out to a baby shower for some friends of ours Tony and Shianne. They are expecting a girl, Miss Emmalee Rae, about a month after Crue is due.

They had it set up soooo cute!

The little horse centerpieces.

A pinata!

Their house is out in the country and it is gorgeous out there!! There are tons of trees and I just love going out there. Unfortunately the boys and I didn't get to stay very long due to the no nap issue but we did get to enjoy the FABULOUS food!!