Thursday, February 17, 2011

No Training Wheels

Briggs learned how to ride a bike without training wheels!! I can't believe it either! Cody was outside with him and unbeknowndst to me took off the training wheels on his bike and told Briggs that if he learned to ride it he would get him a spider man bike. So at 4 o clock on Sunday afternoon we headed to Walmart to purchase a spider man bike:) He does so good and looks so grown up on it. He can turn it really well he just has problems stopping, but don't worry he has a horn and will definitely let you know if you are in the way!

His spider man bike is bigger then this one and he does so good on it! I am so proud of the little guy!!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Heart Day

Since it's been soooo cold up here in the Panhandle of Texas I have been having to be VERY creative with 2 little boys cooped up in the house!! We made a trip to the Dollar Tree the other day and made these cute hearts with stickers and fuzz balls and basically whatever else the boys could glue on them. I hung them on the light fixture over the dining room table.
They were very proud of their artwork and so was their Momma:)

Hope all of you have a wonderful Valentines Day today!

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Gender Party

On the day we found out what our third child was going to be, my MOL and SIL threw us a gender party. It turned out so cute and the decorations were AWESOME!!! This table had some of my favorite cravings on it: starburst, skittles and sugar cookies:)

My MOL made these cookies. Aren't they adorable?

The "P" was for Pierce our girl name.

The "C" was for Crue our boy name.

I loved the feather centerpiece! There was a picture of our family of four and the baby's sono pic.

If you didn't wear pink or blue then you could wear a pink or blue ley.

Grady wanted to wear Blue!

Briggs wanted to wear blue also.

The father:)

At the end of the party we ate cupcakes that had a BLUE center to reveal our third boy!! We are so excited to welcome Crue Burton!! We had a lot of fun at the party. Thanks Leona and Kyla!