Saturday, May 29, 2010

Friday Funday

We had a Fun Filled Friday! We started off going to the grocery store (Always fun) and then we came home took naps and played in our little bity pool. We were going to go to the community pool but it was Free day and we figured the WHOLE town would be there and I could just pictures my kids having a screaming fit in front of everyone so we opted just to stay home and have "pool time" as Briggs calls it, at our house.
We had a graduation party to go to for Cody's cousin Lacy that night so we headed out there at about 6. They live out in the country and have lots of room and lots of animals. They are bottle feeding two calves and Briggs got to feed one of them. He got slobber all over his foot and was pretty worried about it. Grady pretty much just chilled and he loved looking at the animals, I swear that kid is going to be a vet someday! He LOVES animals. He even got on the horse! Briggs and Grady were playing a fun game with the plastic cup and they were just giggling so hard. I love hearing my kids laugh! It brings so much joy to my heart!!!Briggs also got to play the drums. He loves any kid of musical instrument! Maybe I will have a vet and a musician someday! Ha!My mother-in-law made Lacy's graduation cake. Isn't it precious?!?!?!? Lacy loved to play dress up when she was a little girl so Leona did a dress up cake. This is by far one of my favorites.

We are headed to a fish fry later today but have no plans for tomorrow on Memorial Day!
I want to say a BIG CONGRATS!!! to my sister Cori for getting her Bachelor's degree and for passing her PPR for her teaching certificate! Way to go!!!