Sunday, April 25, 2010

Spring Time Makes me Happy:)

I love Spring!!! The weather has been gorgeous, minus the wind, and we have enjoyed playing outside. We have gotten a lot of rain and the flowers are starting to bloom and it is gorgeous! My family and I are going to plant an organic garden with lots of vegetables. I LOVE fresh veggies and so do the boys, so I am really excited to get this going. My Dad always has a HUGE garden every year and his turns out so good, I only hope ours is half of what his is.

I got released from the cardiologist and he said that I no longer need a cardiologist and that I am cured! AMEN!!!

We had a garage sale Friday and yesterday and it went pretty well. We had TONS of stuff to get rid of and I think we accomplished that.

P.S. Aren't my fellows CUTE;)