Wednesday, August 27, 2008


WOW! So it has only been 3 months since my last blog! Holy COW!! We have had a lot going on. We moved, my son turned one, my father-in-law had a very unexpected medical emergency and before we moved we redid the entire house. Needless to say it has been wild and crazy around here. Briggs has grown so fast and now I can't believe he is one! He is such a handsome and sweet little guy. He is walking, I mean running everywhere! We are adjusting to our new house which is really lovely, but it just doesn't feel like home yet, but that will just take time. Oh, and I forgot to mention we are adding another addition to the family! Yup, Baby Satterfield #2 will be making his/her debut sometime at the end of March '09, my actual due date is the 23rd which makes Cody really happy because that is his birthday. Sorry again for the blogging hiatus, I will try to stay updated now since we will not be SO busy. Here are some pictures from Briggs' birthday.