Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Mile High City

We just go back from our trip to Denver. We had a lot of fun but we were really glad to get home. The weather was absolutely beautiful and we got to do a bunch of fun things. Briggs did so good on the plane, he LOVED sitting in his own seat like a big boy.

We went to the zoo, which is HUGE and Briggs really enjoyed the bears the best.

The next day we did some shopping at the outlet mall in Castle Rock and ate at Outdoor World, which was ridiculous to find. Our last day there we went to the Cubs and Rockies game at Coors Stadium, this was really our whole reason for the trip (Cody is a huge Cubs fan), Briggs didn't like it so much we forget that he is only 9 months old and shouldn't like sitting outside for 5 hours, yes I said 5 hours, Cody thought we should get there EARLY. At least we got to enjoy our HUGE Rocky Dogs and got to watch batting practice. Anyways, we really did have a good time but we are certainly glad to be home. Now it is time start working hard on our new house, we are really excited and Lowes has become our favorite place to shop!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Puppy Love

I forgot to mention that we added a new addition to the Satterfield clan. Rev Satterfield joined us as a family on April 8th. He is a Silver Lab and Cinnamon has taken to him pretty well. He is very playful and is adjusting to our house. Me and Cinnamon are outnumbered 3:2 in boys to girls ratio. Here are some pictures of our new puppy.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Bigger and Better

We bought a new house!!! With Briggs growing ever so fast, we need a bigger house. Our walls are closing in. If you aren't tripping over Briggs you are falling over one of his many toys. By the way I just have to say thanks to Briggs' grandparents for all of those wonderful toys! This house is bigger than the one we live in now and we are going to update it. It is in really good condition just needs to be updated. Here are some pictures of it.