Sunday, March 16, 2008

Perfectly Imperfect

Well....We took a trip to Lubbock so that Briggs could see a Pediatric Neurosurgeon due to his flat head. We were there for 2 minutes!!! The doctor said "You guys made a long trip for me to tell you his head is o.k." That was really good news and I would have driven to the other end of the world to hear that about my baby. We all knew his head would be fine, but it did scare us a little that he might have to wear a helmet. When someone tells you that you baby is not perfect it kind of makes you upset. So we just tell him that his head is perfectly imperfect. These are some of the photos taken from our trip.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

First Blog

I am new on here and haven't really figured out how to decorate my page but I will as soon as I figure it out!!! I love to look at everyones pictures so I figured I could post a few and let everyone know how Mr. Briggs is doing and let everyone see how BIG he is getting!